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What is Storm Drain Relining and How Does it Work?

Sewer pipe relining is an efficient method for installing a new lining within an existing pipe, enhancing and strengthening it without the need for digging. This technique avoids the need for garden or driveway excavation, providing a cost-effective and minimally invasive alternative to traditional pipe repair.

Our core services to revitalise drainage systems with pipe relining include:

  1. A comprehensive inspection is conducted using a cctv drain camera to pinpoint imperfections, assess the condition of a damaged pipe, or locate blockages within the system.
  2. The relining process begins with thorough cleaning to ready the pipe’s inner surface.
  3. We exclusively use a felt liner sock soaked in epoxy resin to seamlessly mend drain pipes, applied via a strategically placed access point.
  4. In the pipe relining process, the liner is inflated and hardened, perfectly moulding to the shape of the host pipe to create a new seamless pipe within the existing one.
  5. Once cured, the liner’s restored flow capacity, strength, and function are designed to last for decades.

Principal advantages of the storm drain relining include a no digging solution approach, among others:

  • Eliminating the need to dig up your home’s surfaces, we offer a cleaner plumbing solution.
  • Durable outcomes - Relined pipelines boast a 50-year life expectancy, ensuring client satisfaction and resistance to damages.
  • The strong defence against root intrusion enhances the protection of plumbing systems from blockages.
  • Economical and ecologically sound relining solutions.

Pipe relining significantly extends the life of existing pipes by 50 years or more, making it a wise option for older systems susceptible to damage.

Benefits of Relining Storm Drains vs Replacement

Our specialists’ advanced relining techniques offer significant advantages over full pipe replacement.

  • Cost savings - Pipe relining reduces costs by 50-80% compared to replacement, thus get your pipes restored without the need to dig up your garden for expensive excavation or landscaping repairs.
  • Faster installation - Utilising our skilled pipe repair techniques, we can reline your drain systems within a day, preserving the surface above intact.
  • Minimal invasive work - By accessing through existing manholes, we prevent harm to gardens, driveways, and other surface areas.
  • Improved flow capacity - Smooth integrated liners optimise drainage rates, enhancing the flow performance in your pipes.
  • Added resilience - Structural epoxy liners prevent root intrusion and resist corrosion or cracks.
  • Long-lasting solution - Relined pipes last 50 years and come with the best possible long term guarantees.
  • Eco-friendly - We dont contribute to landfill waste and focus on reusing existing infrastructure.

Considering our pipe relining system as an alternative to traditional methods, you may wonder exactly how it effectively addresses aging sewer lines. The process provides a trenchless pipe relining service solution, superior to traditional methods, for your infrastructure. It offers all the benefits of new sewer pipes without costly and destructive excavations.

Longevity of Relined Storm Drains

Regarding the durability of pipe relining, even sewer stormwater pipes that were previously compromised can last 50 years or more with routine maintenance. Our operations utilise the latest technology and robust epoxy resins to reinforce stormwater drains against corrosion, wear, and chemical damage.

All pipe relining procedures consider factors that enable a long lifespan for relined storm drains, including:

  • The liner, meticulously crafted and inserted into pipe, boasts an integrated, seamless design counteracting leaks and frail areas.
  • Smooth interior for optimum drainage flow rates.
  • Protection against root intrusion and water ingress.
  • Electro scan integrity tests and targeted pipe patching ensure a flawless installation inside your drainage system, even in scenarios with tree root obstructions previously causing blocked drains.
  • We understand the importance of the process of relining your stormwater sewer can be repeated as necessary throughout its extended lifespan, thereby increasing its hardiness.

We recognise the crucial role of progressive pipe relining and CIPP lining innovations in creating a robust, watertight seal within ageing drains. Combined with comprehensive pre-relining CCTV drain inspection and repairs, stormwater pipes can be restored to better-than-new condition.

Acknowledging the inconvenience of pipe issues, we offer alternatives to extend storm drains’ lifespan beyond five decades. Regular maintenance checks ensure that relined drains provide service indefinitely, confirming the approach as a prudent, sustainable investment.

Pipe Materials that Can Be Relined

Our modern CIPP technology can effectively reline various pipe materials, including:

  • Clay or earthenware
  • Concrete
  • Copper
  • Galvanised iron
  • Asbestos cement
  • PVC
  • Fibreglass
  • Cast iron

Our technology entails installing an advanced structural epoxy resin that seamlessly integrates with diverse pipe materials. Our system accommodates a wide range of pipe dimensions and materials, providing a robust channel for the introduction of the innovative liner.

After curing, observe how the liner forms a jointless, watertight seal within the host pipe. This restores hydraulic capacity and protects against leaks, cracks and root intrusion regardless of the pipe substrate.

Relining offers versatility across pipe materials, proving to be an effective solution for replacing old systems where new installation is complex and potentially damaging to property or landscaping.

Process of Relining Storm Drains

Pipe relining vs pipe replacement choices for stormwater conduits present a multiple phase procedure crafted to strengthen pipes sans the need for excavation:

  1. Inspection - With all pipe relining inspections, a drain camera thoroughly examines the stormwater system to identify any damage, blockages or defects.
  2. Cleaning - The process includes drain cleaning with high pressure water jets to remove debris and prepare surfaces.
  3. Liner Insertion - A resin-saturated liner inserted into the pipe meticulously expands to fit all contours of the existing structure.
  4. UV Curing - The liner is cured in place using UV light, hardening to form a smooth, jointless new pipe in our relining system.
  5. Quality Testing - Final CCTV and pressure tests validate the relining and check for any flaws.

Notable advantages of employing trenchless technology in this process are:

  • No excavation damage or landscaping repairs needed.
  • Relining can be done rapidly and effectively, eliminating the need to dig up the landscape, unlike traditional replacement methods.
  • Inserted through existing manholes for minimal disruption.
  • Strengthened, leak-free pipes with 50+ year lifetime.

Our plumbers deliver all-encompassing services, including a cutting-edge, no-dig relining system, guaranteeing thorough restoration in Sydney’s Inner West. Drain pipe relining employs the latest technologies to modernise drainage systems at a significantly reduced cost compared to full replacement, with the added advantage of being a no-dig solution.

Cost Analysis: Relining vs Replacement

Pipe relining presents itself as a more affordable option across residential and commercial settings, both initially and over time.

Typical costs for your sewer stormwater drain replacement range from $300 - $500 per linear metre when excavation, new piping, backfilling and surface repairs are factored in. Based on a 30 metre run, this equates to $9,000 - $15,000 for replacement, while we can efficiently reline your stormwater system with compelling before after results for a fraction of that cost with our state art methods.

Conversely, relining is priced approximately at $130 - $200 per linear metre, varying with pipe size. This puts the cost of relining a 30 metre stormwater line at approximately $3,900 - $6,000, providing savings of 50-80% over replacement.

Beyond lower initial costs, relining avoids expensive ongoing maintenance issues associated with traditional pipelines like root penetration, cracks and collapse. The design life of over 50 years also provides outstanding value.

An independent study discovered stormwater drain relining yields an over 500% return on investment compared to replacement, assessing upfront expenses against long-term cost benefits. The relining strategy can also facilitate numerous refurbishments of pipes, assuring that both economical and ecological advantages persist into the future.

Particularly for your stormwater sewer systems, relining effectively extends asset lifespan indefinitely as opposed to typical replacements which last mere 50 years. This prevents the need for recurrent excavations and disruptions.

Overall, relining emerges as the more cost-effective and sustainable solution for drainage renewal, compared to complete replacement.

Factors to Consider Before Opting for Relining

In deciding between relining and replacing sewer stormwater drains, key factors should be considered:

  • Pipe Condition - The structural integrity and remaining lifespan based on pipe material and extent of damage.
  • Accessibility - Available access points for liner insertion and drainage flow.
  • Environmental Impact - Relining avoids the hassle and impact of digging up your garden, thus preventing excavation disruption and landfill waste.
  • Cost - Acquire a get free quote that details variations based on pipe dimensions and extent.

For a professional on-site evaluation, contact us to discuss Sydney pipe relining solutions and obtain a detailed cost assessment. Our experts can arrange a get free consultation and recommend the optimal trenchless renewal methods suited to our clients’ stormwater conduits.

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Affordable Storm Drain Relining

Storm drain relining is a trenchless method to repair damaged or blocked pipes without digging. It’s faster, more affordable and less disruptive than traditional pipe replacement. Contact us for storm drain relining today.

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